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Urban Moonshine

The morning after a long night out, the last thing you're probably thinking of drinking is a dash of straight-up bitters. But next time, consider trying out a few drops: after all, hangovers are just one of the many things bitters were originally formulated to cure. 

Urban Moonshine founder Jovial King is determined to "bring bitters back" to the modern world in the form of the herbal medicine they once were. With her team at Urban Moonshine in Burlington, Vermont by the shores of Lake Champlain, she works to get the word out about the benefit of all things bitter.

According to Urban Moonshine, early humans' diet was mostly bitter, while now it's steeped in sugar galore, which takes a toll on our digestive system. A burst of bitter flavor is like "the gym for the digestive system," as Jovial puts it, challenging and waking up all of the digestive secretions and processes that help break down and extract nutrients from food. Not to mention, bitters are meant to improve liver function, encourage healthier skin, and quell everything from nausea to sugar cravings. 

It doesn't hurt that Urban Moonshine's bitters are all organic, local and exceptionally delicious, in flavors like Citrus and Maple. You won't balk at taking them straight-up – but you should also use them as an easy way to bring any cocktail to life!

What started as a small family affair sold at local farmers' markets has grown into a flourishing company – a sure sign that herbal remedies really are coming "out of the cupboard and onto the counter" of everyday Americans.