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Victoria Amory

Victoria Amory's condiments look like they were designed with royalty in mind, so it's no surprise that Victoria herself hails from a blue-blooded brood. Her parents happen to be the count and countess de la Maza – actual, real-deal Spanish nobility. Growing up between cosmopolitan Madrid, bucolic Sevilla and the cultivated corridors of an English boarding school, Victoria picked up not only a penchant for the finer points of entertaining, but for finding the nuances of elegance in even the most everyday things: ketchup, for example. 

Hence the Victoria Amory condiment brand slogan: Effortless. Everyday. Entertaining. It could also be a slogan for Victoria's life itself, which revolves around hosting warm, welcoming and well-executed feasts for friends and family – that is, when she isn't busy penning articles on entertaining for big-name publications, publishing award-winning cookbooks or jarring her own line of homemade savory sauces. 

The company started when Victoria sold over 200 jars of her homemade sauce in 10 minutes, as part of a fundraiser for her three children's school in West Palm Beach, Florida. In 2012, she developed the Victoria Amory line of cooking sauces, foods and condiments, all of which are handcrafted and all-natural. Her Champagne Ketchup typifies the simple sophistication she brings to even the most forgettable of grocery store staples – inspired by effervescent and elegant flavors of the Côte d'Azure, this ketchup is made with premium ingredients like champagne vinegar, sweet roasted garlic, freshly pressed olive oil and the perfect dash of spices. Now that's what we call "Fancy Ketchup."

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