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The City of Chicago thought it could derail Amar Singh's mission to cruise the streets of the Windy City and spread delicious and healthy Indian street fare in his wake. The spice-hating head honchos made rules and regulations so strict, not even the pluckiest of food trucks could survive unscathed. In the end, Amar had no choice but to heed The Man and park the "Curry Cruiser," his food truck that had become a hit for its handmade flatbreads filled with slow-cooked, strikingly spicy curries. But like they say, necessity is the mother of invention – and so, in the face of this flavorful fiasco, Amar entered into spicemode. 

Instead of a setback, Amar saw an opportunity – his powers of spice were already well-honed, so he decided he'd wield them in the world of specialty food markets, bringing the flavor of the Curry Cruiser back into the mainstream with a line of cooking sauces that would let home cooks of all skill levels find a way to make incredible Indian food at home (yes, please!). 

First, he returned to the lab, working for a year to perfect his small batch sauces. Then he found allies – local farms from which he sourced ingredients, and an artisanal manufacturer in southern Illinois. Finally, he had to make Spicemode a feast for the eyes – it helped that he'd always had a passion for design, and also worked as an art director.

When it was all said and done, Amar had a secret spicy weapon he was ready to unleash. Spicemode sauces pack bold, exotic flavor into a bottle, cutting down on cooking time while bringing authentic homestyle Indian taste to any dish you can think of. 

The sauces' flavors are as rich as the background they're inspired by: the child of parents who immigrated to the US from Myanmar, Amar traveled across Asia before landing in the culturally diverse milieu of Chicago, Illinois. Along the way, he ate lot of food from his mom, a passionate cook. Each of his sauces, with their rainbow of spices, is the culmination of the (often delicious!) experiences that inspired them.