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Treat Bake Shop

Culinary overachiever Sarah Marx Feldner had capped off an impressive food résumé by penning a cookbook on Japanese cuisine. But when she was settling back in to Milwaukee, Wisconsin and pondering her next culinary adventure, she was inspired by a much simpler treat: the sweet candied pecans made for her by a childhood friend.

She set her sights on perfecting those pecans of yore. Treat Bake Shop was born, and Feldner’s artisan spiced pecans, locally made with only the highest-quality ingredients, began garnering unanticipated, but much-deserved, attention. Sweet roasted nuts are readily available from city street vendors the world over, but Feldner’s attention to detail and nuanced palate sets her treats apart. She has a master’s in Library and Information Science with a concentration on Culinary Collections and Food Research, so you know each ingredient is carefully calibrated and meticulously tested to yield the most addictive snack possible.

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