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Republic of Jam

Lynnette Shaw grew up in agriculture-rich northern California, in a “convenience cooking” mentality. After a brief time in Minneapolis and a homesick-driven move back to the west coast (this time to Carlton, Oregon), Lynnette was immediately struck by the variety at her local farmer’s market. Six different kinds of plum inspired her to do more than just bake up endless pies with the bountiful produce at her disposal – so she started preserving!

Despite not actually having a kitchen in which to preserve, she started renting out a little kitchen in a local coffee shop, then a wine tasting room, and, finally, an old tattoo parlor. (In keeping with the wine room and Lynnette’s oenophile background, the current store also operates as a “jam tasting room” with “jam flights” and more.)

Now the “Master Jammelier” of Republic of Jam, Lynnette jars handmade preserves with a 4 parts fruit to 1 part sugar recipe (about half the sugar of traditional recipes) so the natural flavors of the fruit shine through. Ingredients are sourced from local farms, orchards and suppliers, and only vegan-friendly fruit pectin is used.

Photo courtesy of Howard Hewitt.

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