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Tender Belly

Shannon and Erik Duffy, brothers, teamed up to sell amazing bacon, but also to source sustainably raised high quality pork for restaurant chefs. Born and raised in Iowa, with connections to local farms, they found a thirsty market in Denver, Colorado, where they now live.

The bacon is a secret recipe, but the process is super traditional. Use a cure of spices and salt to draw moisture out of the meat, then cold smoke it to impart that incredible flavor. Unlike a lot of bacon processors, they don't add water, so their bacon won't shrink as much when it's cooked.

They're obsessed with the recipe, but they are equally careful about their sourcing. They know that this kind of quality meat requires "the utmost care and devotion to the well-being of the animal. The animals live a stress-free life with plenty of open space to roam and exercise." Now, they're finding new farmers willing to raise pigs the right way, to meet the enthusiastic demand for their extraordinary products.

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