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Uncouth Vermouth

Bianca Miraglia takes a commitment to seasonality and sustainability to a whole new level. She spent six years working at Oregon wineries, on her way to becoming a winemaker. Eventually, as a self-professed "control-freak," she realized that she she couldn't handle the lack of control that great natural winemaking requires - risking everything when there's a bad season or an invasion of pests. Now, she still loves all aspects of wine (she even makes awesome furniture out of wine corks), but she's turned her creativity and passion to wine's close cousin, vermouth. 

She first got obsessed with vermouth when she was looking for the perfect dry vermouth for a martini. She couldn't find what she was looking for, so she started experimenting. That lead to her tiny but growing business, Uncouth Vermouth. She makes her vermouths at Red Hook Winery, using wines that have become oxidized, which is the traditional style for vermouth. She uses at least 20 herbs in each variety, which she forages from untouched areas or sources from farmers and her mom, an avid gardener. European vermouths must be bittered with wormwood, but Bianca uses mugwort, a close cousin which grows wild here. 

One of the things that makes her vermouths so unusual is that she doesn't use sweeteners - if she thinks a particular variety should be sweet, she starts with a sweet wine. She strains her vermouth but never filters, because she thinks it removes too much flavor. Her vermouths are a lot of fun in cocktails, but they're also incredible served chilled, or with a dash of bitters and a citrus twist. We think they are incredibly delicious and totally unlike any vermouth we've ever tasted! 

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