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Coturri Winery

Tony Coturri is a third-generation California winemaker and an outspoken advocate of natural winemaking. The Coturri winery has never used grapes treated with pesticides, fungicides or herbicides. The story of this dynamic winery began when Enrico Coturri immigrated to America with $10 in his pocket. Upon arriving in San Francisco, California he worked as a barrel cooper and helped rebuild the city after the devastating earthquake in 1906. Enrico taught his son Harry “Red” Coturri the Italian winemaking methods that he brought with him from the village of Farneta, Italy. Red founded the Coturri winery in ’79 with his sons Tony & Phil. Tony has been making wine since ’64, he runs the winery and is in the process of teaching his son Nic the craft.

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