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Channing Daughters

This Long Island winery was founded by Walter Channing 1982. Today, it's run by a small, passionate group: Larry Perrine, who studied Enology and Viticulture at Cornell graduate school (and helped more than 20 other vineyards and wineries before Channing) has worked intensively to improve the vineyard planting. Christopher Tracy came in 2001 and is now their full-time winemaker and partner, and his wife Allison Dubin is the general manager.

All their grapes are hand-picked, and they include many varietals that are very unusual for Long Island (and often the USA), which only highlights their love of experimentation. They try to continually push the boundaries of what seems possible for their vineyards, their cellar and their region, be constantly experimenting with everything from single vineyard varietal wines versus blends; wild yeasts versus commercial yeasts; fermenting white wines with the skin; aging in steel tanks versus oak barrels; different styles of oak barrels and much, much more. As they put it: "We seek deliciousness," and they're willing to do whatever it takes to get there. We totally approve. 

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