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Sweet Grass Dairy

Al Wehner came from a family of German dairy farmers in western New York. Al headed south in the '70s to attend the University of Georgia, and after a winter free of blizzards and ice patches (and after crossing paths with his future wife, Desiree), he decided to make his Southern migration permanent.

As their last child prepared to leave the nest, Al and Desiree sought a new option. Desiree learned to make cheese (and to love goat cheese) at a class in California. Back home in Thomasville, Georgia, she made cheese nearly every day for an entire year, just to get it right. They founded Sweet Grass Dairy in 2000 with 11 dairy goats and Jersey cows' milk from the original family herd.

Al and Desiree weren't necessarily planning on luring any of their children home, but maybe they know the persuasive power of great cheese. In 2005, their daughter Jessica and her husband, Jeremy Little, purchased the dairy to continue the tradition and expand the cheese-making operation. 

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