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Vermont Creamery

Meet Allison Hooper. One summer in college she worked on a small family farm in Brittany, France, learning the essentials of cheesemaking. Now meet Bob Reese. He grew up thinking he would take over his grandparents dairy farm, but by the time he finished his degree in Agriculture, they'd sold it.

One day Bob was in charge of organizing a dinner celebrating Vermont agricultural products. He wanted to feature a locally made goat cheese, but he couldn't find one. He reached out to Allison, who was working at a dairy lab in Brookfield, Vermont. 

She made the cheese, which was a huge hit, and they decided to start a business. They got a $4000 loan from a Vermont church and made their first fresh chevre in the Brookfield farm's milk house. They started selling to farmers' markets, then food coops and French chefs. Back then, chevre was "a dazzling exotic foreign delicacy for American palates."

30 years later, Vermont Creamery, which moved to Websterville, Vermont in 1989, has won more than 100 national and international awards for their incredible cheeses, butter and crème fraiche. A certified B Corp*, they employ more than 40 people work with 17 family goat farms. And they still make one of the best chevre's in the country: simple, crisp and clean with a mellow, lemony goat's milk tang.

*B Corps are certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. In other words, they're companies that are committed to considering the impact of decisions on their workers and the community, not just on their bottom line, and to continuous improvement and transparency. 

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