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Rogue Creamery

It's no easy task to keep a Creamery running for more than 75 years! Tom Vella opened Rogue Creamery in Oregon's Rogue River Valley in the 1930s. As the business grew and bought more and more milk, it helped small local farms survive the Great Depression.

Throughout World War II, Rogue Creamery ramped-up cheddar cheese production to help supply the war effort. Millions of pounds of Oregon cheddar were shipped to troops overseas. Post-war, the creamery became a major supplier of cottage cheese to the state’s civilian market.

Next, Tom dove into the blue cheese market, designing a building to mimic the atmosphere of a true cheese cave for aging. Rogue Creamery began production of blue in 1954.

After Tom passed away in 1998, the creamery's fate was uncertain. Fortunately, his son Ignazio found the perfect successors in David Gremmels and Cary Bryant, cheese makers who were determined to continue Rogue's tradition of excellent blue cheeses. The Central Point, Oregon creamery won World’s Best Blue Cheese at the 2003 World Cheese Awards in London, a first for a U.S. creamery, as well as Best in Show at the 2009 American Cheese Society in Austin, Texas.

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