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Lazy Lady Farm

Laini Fondilier knows that if she does right by her herd of 41 registered Alpine goats, they'll do right by her. 

At Lazy Lady Farm, they make their own hay, practice sustainable pasture management during the summer months, then feed the goats a special mix of organic grain during the winter. She brags about the quantity and quality of her goats' milk. But its her cheeses that people go crazy for. 

Goat cheeses are seasonal, since goats produce less milk in winter. And, unlike most cheesemakers, Laini likes to change it up, constantly making new cheeses with seriously impressive results. Fortunately for us, she has a few standbys as well, including Oh My Heart, a gooey, tangy, mushroomy, barnyard-y double cream. 

As if making award-winning goat cheese weren't enough, Lazy Lady Farm has been “off the grid” for at least 32 years. With the help of solar panels and a wind turbine, Laini Fondilier is able to generate energy for her farm productions with a much smaller carbon footprint. Lazy Lady? Not so much. 

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