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Jacobs & Brichford

Jacobs & Brichford are Leslie Jacobs and Matthew Brichford, who have built their life around the Brichford family farm. The dairy farm, located in southeast Indiana’s Whitewater River Valley, is home to grass-fed Jersey, Normande and Tarentaise cross cows, as well as hair sheep and Berkshire hogs. Their land has been a family farm since the 1800's, but Leslie and Matthew began making and selling raw milk cheeses just two years ago. 

Matthew manages the farm and makes the cheeses; Leslie and their daughter, Maize, help market the cheese. Even their two dogs, Border Collie Jewel and Welch Corgi Mirk, are active workers, helping to move the livestock from pasture to pasture.

They made the leap into cheese (previously they sold milk), because they believed it would give them the best chance of passing a sustainable family farm onto future generations. 

Clearly, it was meant to be, because their cheeses began to receive notice and acclaim almost from the get-go. In 2014, Everton, their rich, savory, Alpine-style cheese, won a Good Food Award. 

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