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Dave's Sweet Tooth

What the Dave’s Sweet Tooth team is doing in Detroit, Michigan is yet another example of creativity and positivity prospering in a city many seem to have given up on. Dave’s stands for authenticity and quality, using only simple, real ingredients including butter, sugar, milk chocolate, and hand-sliced almonds to create their ultra-delicious brittle. Ingredients are purchased only according to order to ensure the freshest flavors, and the toffee is made totally by hand: no machines, microwaves or assembly lines to be found. Not to mention, they’re pretty funny as well—the self-proclaimed modest business declares that their toffee is not only better than your Granny’s, but also the best in the universe.

Founder Andrew Chmielewski didn’t even think of starting the company until he was already convinced, from experience, that the brittle would be a hot commodity. He saw the craze start firsthand, when his dad Dave, a retired Detroit firefighter, started giving away homemade toffee in mason jars. Soon, Dave’s phone was ringing off the hook with requests for the sweet treats. 5 years later, Andrew decided to make good on what was clearly a golden opportunity, and Dave’s Sweet Tooth was born, using dad’s very same recipe. What makes Dave’s toffee irresistible, even to skeptics? Unlike brittle English toffee, this kind snaps off and melts right in your mouth (thanks, butter!).

Dave’s Sweet Tooth’s upbeat, determined attitude is a perfect fit in its home of Detroit, and makes its products a perfect fit both for this city in flux and anyone with a sweet-tooth.

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