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Two Moon Shortbread

It's common knowledge that you can't have world peace without plenty of baked goods. So it only makes sense that experienced idealists Joyce Pisarello and Danielle Mazzeo gradually turned their attention from shaping public policy to shaping dough. It was after many conversations about how best to combine their love of ice cream sandwiches with their hopes for world improvement that former Manhattan political career-women Joyce and Danielle hatched the idea for Two Moon, a Brooklyn café and art house. They also happen to sell some cookies that are so delicious, they just might have the potential to save the world. 

What led up to those conversations was plenty of social service: Joyce joined the Peace Corps after studying international affairs at Columbia, while Danielle graduated from Brown, went on to teach third grade and worked for a series of nonprofits before joining a progressive think tank. The friends bonded over their mutual interests: socially responsible business models and brownies (Danielle prefers cookies, but it's not a dealbreaker). When they felt they were ready to shift into sweeter business than New York City politics, Two Moon materialized as the culmination of their passions. Part neighborhood art gallery, part music venue, part film house, as well as a café and wine bar serving homemade baked goods, seasonal entrees and coffee, Two Moon is a vibrant hub that unites their whole Park Slope community in sugar-fueld creative bliss. 

Their shortbread cookies come from a shop in the same location, and are made in small batches using fine, quality ingredients to create unique sweet and savory flavors, such as Rosemary and Sea Salt and Salty Maple Oat. The packaging is as charming as the ladies that make them, and we think if everyone in the world got together at Two Moon and ate enough of these scrumptious cookies, the world would be a much more peaceful place. 

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