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Modern Gingham Preserves

When Kathy Lee got a PhD. in neuroscience from Northwestern University, she envisioned sweet success of a much different variety than what she got. With visions of the Nobel prize dancing in her head, this aspiring scientist got sidetracked by a British gentleman and subsequently stumbled into a much sweeter science: preserving and canning produce.

If it weren’t for her encounter with her now-husband and his family’s oh-so-English passion for “putting up” fruit, Kathy would probably be up close and personal with someone’s brain instead of jam right now. But she found the chemistry of fruit’s transformation into delicious jam so very appetizing, and was soon compulsively jarring produce and handing the fruits of her labor out to hungry friends. Her hobby was met with such positive feedback that Kathy decided to found Modern Gingham Preserves.

Of course, no scientist could ever completely abandon their devotion to the natural world, and so Modern Gingham’s role in the natural order of things was at the top of Kathy’s mind. She ensures that Modern Gingham is a positive agent by using only surplus fruits and vegetables from local, unsprayed berry patches, fruit trees and gardens, as well as from Community Supported Agriculture, to make her jams—she wants as little food as possible to go to waste. They always ask permission, and a lot of time the fruit is handpicked!

The Denver, Colorado-based enterprise is also committed to supporting the local economy by sourcing every last thing from Denver-based companies. Kathy’s jams are far from run-of-the-mill, too: they come in a wide array of unique flavors like their rhubarb ginger vanilla, which lets rhubarb shine as a solo act (yes, please!). 

These are jams that jives with the environment, the economy and your appetite. 

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