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Tomr's Tonic

Working gigs behind New York City bars to supplement his life as a Broadway actor, Tom Richter (affectionately nicknamed “Tommer” by his father) learned a thing or two about gin and tonics. While mixing what felt like his “gazillionth” cocktail, Tom realized the high-fructose corn syrup and synthetic quinine-based tonic basically ruined any natural goodness of top-shelf gin. Customers were paying for quality, but what they got was less-than-stellar.

After much tinkering and formulating, Tom began to serve his own version of tonic, made with 100% organic ingredients, at the bar he was working. Customers started buying by the bottle – fellow tenders and neighboring bar managers started doing the same. Tom knew he had a thriving business in the works.

Tomr’s Tonic highlights real cinchona bark (quinine), citrus, herbs and raw cane sugar. It’s a syrup concentrate that never goes flat. In the words of Tomr’s, “life is too short to drink crappy tonic.” Cheers to that.

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