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Mustard and Co.

Ah, mustard. It seems to us that this daring dip has been unfairly tamed, forced into condiment conformity: the same bright yellow brand tends to dominate. 

Enter Justin Hoffman. All Justin cared about was mastering mustard. But he worked for The Man – which is actually a gourmet sandwich shop in Seattle, Washington, so it could have been worse. One day, Justin shared his mustard recipe with his co-worker and fellow mustard enthusiast Bryan Mitchiner: a grinding process that wouldn’t destroy the pungent spiciness of the mustard seed; no exposure to heat; and a bit of honey, balsamic vinegar and curry powder. Soon enough, the duo hatched the idea to start a business – and the rest was mustard magic.

At Mustard and Co., founded in 2013, they utilize quality local ingredients and time-worn techniques that preserve the mustard seed’s natural, almost horseradish-y spiciness. The result is a raw, organic and honest mustard flavor that emboldens any food it touches. And Justin and Bryan are all about challenging the hot dog status quo, encouraging mustard lovers and novices alike to try new and unexpected uses – dipping, saucing and mixing it into all kinds of creations. 

With Mustard and Co., you don’t have to feel awkward about your weird mustard-use preferences – the bolder, the better.