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Elvio’s chimichurri, a traditional Argentine sauce used for grilled meat, seems touched by a bit of the rustic magic that makes up Argentina itself. It’s described in mythical terms: it’s “the taste of tango,” it’s “pure love in a jar.” It has magical properties that allow it to transform basic recipes into gourmet feasts, its name has murky and mysterious origins, and it’s made with a “top-secret twist.”

Like any good myth, Elvio’s chimichurri has been passed down through many generations to get where it is today. The generations-old recipe is meant to have originated on the Argentine Pampas, where Grandpa Ignacio stood out among the gauchos for his unique, rustic chimichurri. His son Elvio inherited the cherished recipe, put a signature secret twist on it, and introduced it to the United States when he followed his lover to Los Angeles in 1974. From there, Elvio’s renowned chimichurri began to slowly propagate throughout the land, as his daughter Ailin moved to New York City and began receiving mail shipments from her Papa of the fresh, vinegary condiment (an alternative to her old habit of carrying packets around in her purse). Soon enough, both the delicious chimichurri taste and the love for Argentine heritage, family and food that come along with it were garnering a wide network of addicts.

These days, while the exact recipe remains shrouded in secrecy, the world can enjoy this storied, beloved version of the “ketchup of Argentina.” Each bottle is handcrafted in Brooklyn, New York and Los Angeles using just a few, very fresh, usually local ingredients, and each is total free of any preservatives, additives, sugar, high fructose corn syrup, gluten or animal products.

If this is what “pure love” tastes like, we’ve definitely fallen head over heels.