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George Motz

George Motz has been a friend of Mouth since the start. He founded the Food Film Festival, with flagship food film screenings and tastings around New York City.

The rest of the world likely knows George as an Emmy Award–winning filmmaker, the author of the travel guide Hamburger America (Running Press) and the cookbook The Great American Burger Book (Abrams). He’s been hailed by the New York Times as a leading authority on hamburgers, a statement we’re more than happy to confirm with George’s co-curated collection. 

You might have also seen his face on TV – he hosted and produced "Burger Land" (Travel Channel) and hosted "Made In America" (Travel Channel).

He lives here in Brooklyn, is hard at work on a musical about hamburgers (we've already pitched him our idea: “Ham-burg-ilton”), and tells us he will punch the next person who blames farting cows for global warming. His words, not ours….

Follow George on Twitter and Instagram, and on Snapchat: motzburger.

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