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Wei Kitchen

Debbie Wei Mullin, founder and CEO of Wei Kitchen, grew up surrounded by what you might call “fusion” cooking – a blend of Vietnamese, Chinese and Jewish-American ingredients and flavors. When Debbie left for college, she was disappointed by the Asian ingredients available to her, if she could even find them. They were often full of chemicals and artificial flavors.

The idea came to her in 2014, after years working for the World Bank and living and traveling all over the planet. Debbie was making and storing all-natural rice vinegar in her kitchen, just as her family had for generations, to pour over quick and familiar vermicelli rice noodle bowls. To Debbie, it was worth turning her vinegar and other homemade staples into a business so others could experience the aromatic, balanced flavors of Asian cuisine with ease.

Along with her brother-in-law/designer Nate Woods, Debbie seeks to recreate her childhood influences while staying true to their fundamentals. That’s why no product from Wei Kitchen is easily labeled as being from one cuisine or another.