Twizzlie Rolls



Yep, they taste eerily like that famous candy with a similar name, but are those handmade using local and natural ingredients? (You know the answer.)

These are the perfect sweet caffeine jolt. You can also use them to bribe werewolves.

Chocolate Twizzlie Rolls

Chocolate and coffee – each addictive on their own, but Quin knows they're especially lethal in combination. These throwback chewy treats are packed with Swiss chocolate and coffee roasted locally in Portland, OR, with a dash of sea salt.

INGREDIENTS: Sugar, glucose, brewed coffee, chocolate, salt. 10 pieces per bag.

Chocolate & Vanilla Twizzlie Rolls

Quin whips white chocolate in with rich dark chocolate for an awesome twist on the original. For those who can't decide between chocolate and vanilla, who crave chocolate cupcakes with sweet cream frosting, well, these treats are for you.

INGREDIENTS: Sugar, glucose, brewed coffee, white chocolate, water, salt. 10 pieces per bag. 

Made in a facility that processes: milk, wheat, peanuts, tree nuts and eggs.

  • contains dairy.
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