Snow Mix



A wintery mix, but not of the icky, cold variety. Rather, a gorgeous, tasty collection chill-inspired sweets. Satiny-striped baubles taste of clove and peppermint, and cylindrical snowflake pieces are satisfyingly smooth. When you're boiling hot in the summer summer, these will cool you off! 

Papabubble is both laboratory and art studio. Each and every piece of wonder results from a careful, process of boiling, pouring, coloring, aerating, rolling, layering, stretching and chopping, all done entirely by hand. This is pop art at its edible finest. 

tip of the tongue

Consider these your artisanal antidote to Seasonal Affective Disorder. These bright, colorful jewels will light up your life. Share with friends. They'll be happy.

Sugar, glucose, water, citric acid, colors, natural flavors. Comes in an modern apothecary-style 3.5 oz glass jar.

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