Organic Pickled Turnips



Turnips aren't the most popular vegetable, but maybe that's because most people haven't had a turnip pickle! We're loving these crisp, juicy hunks of pickled turnips, which have the refreshing crunch of a radish, but a much milder, sweeter flavor. Plus, they pick up tons of flavor from hanging out with big sprigs of fresh rosemary and tiny yellow mustard seeds in an onion-y brine. 

The slight earthy bitterness of these turnips is perfectly balanced by a finish of sweet honey. And, of course, y'all know we're big fans of any label that gives us instructions like "eat with a Southern accent."

tip of the tongue

The crunch of these turnips works nicely with your favorite ham-and-cheese or salami sandwich. Even better if you're enjoying it with a spread of mustard!

Organic turnips, water, organic distilled white vinegar, organic honey, organic yellow onion, organic garlic, salt, organic rosemary, organic thyme, organic mustard seed, organic celery seed. Comes in a 16 oz jar.

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