Green Olive Tapenade



California wine country. A crusty sourdough baguette, local goat's milk cheese and salty tapenade plus a bottle (or two) from the nearest vineyard. We can't make this fantasy happen for you, but we can offer a jar of this amazing tapenade at the ready for those 5 p.m. hunger pangs. 

Made entirely from California green olives and California extra virgin olive oil, this velvety tapenade is buttery, salty and bright.

Tip of the tongue

Our new favorite lunch: Whole wheat bread spread with tapenade and layered with fresh mozzeralla and sliced figs. Or, make a super simple starter from toasted baguette slices spread with creamy goat cheese and a small spoonful of tapenade. 


California green olives and California extra virgin olive oil. Comes in a 9 oz. jar.

  • vegan.
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