Drinking Chocolate Kit



We love us a fancy hot chocolate here at Mouth. We'll brave the lines and fight for a little cafe table with the best of 'em, but that doesn't mean we don't also crave chocolate decadence at home in our PJ's. Twenty-Four Blackbirds to the rescue! 

Four 1 oz bars of chocolate come wrapped in a brown recycled kraft paper package all tied up with string. A typewritten recipe on an old-fashioned index card completes the insanely perfect aesthetic and includes handy instructions for making both chocolate syrup and hot chocolate. The chocolate is only partially tempered, so it easily melts.

This kit is intended to make two extremely rich servings, but if you like a less intensity (all the better for marshmallows), it can easily make 4 cups. Don't get snowed in without it. 

tip of the tongue

Our fave marshmallow pairings! Three Tarts (classic) Wondermade (creative). Perfect for nibbling alongside (if the hot chocolate is thick) or melting (if it's thinner) into a truly awesome treat. This bar is so gorgeous, it makes the perfect stand-alone gift.


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