DIY Cold Brew Kits



“What does that mug on your desk say? World’s Best Boss? Well, then you deserve the world’s best stuff to fill it up.” – Poppin

"Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble...I’m home-brewing coffee and making mine a double." – Poncho


It's getting warmer! Hot coffee is not for everyone. You need it icy cold. You need it in a tall glass with a straw. And do you really feel like waiting in line for bitter and expensive or settling for watered-down and mediocre? Total buzz-kill.

Grady's saves the day with this BIY (brew-it-yourself) iced coffee concentrate, so you can happily sip smooth cold brew whenever the need strikes. We were already huge fans of Grady's, but we have to say this handy (and beautiful) can makes us love them even more.

Grady's iced coffee is a New Orleans style blend of roasted coffee and chicory. They've handily packaged the grounds in tea-bag style packages, so you can mix it with water and leave it to steep. You provide a pitcher, some water and settle in for a good nights' rest. Your reward? A week's worth of cold brew, or enough to please a hot crowd, with no muss, no fuss. 

Cold-Brew Can 

Each canister provides super-simple instructions – with illustrations – so you get a perfect brew, every time. Each can contains 4 bags, enough for 12 servings of coffee concentrate. 

Cold Brew Super Power: You can recycle the can, and the bags are compostable. 

Extra-Large Kit 

This substantial sack holds 12 infuser bags, enough for 36 servings of coffee concentrate!

  • $15.25 EACH
  • $36 EACH