Cocktail Hour Every Month



It's our favorite way to eat! Set out a chic serving board, some savory and sweet spreads with elegant little knives, small bowls of pickles and nuts, heaps of crispy crackers, sweet and salty pretzels, grainy mustard, the finest charcuterie cut into slabs (and perhaps a hunk of excellent cheese). Mix a cocktail with top-shelf tonic, a luscious cocktail syrup and exceptional small-batch bitters. We could dine like this every night.

This monthly happy hour in a bag makes a wonderful gift for any client, colleague, friend or loved one. Or treat yourself (you know you like to nibble!).

The first month of Cocktails Every Month includes a Brooklyn Slate charcoal slate serving piece which serves as the perfect backdrop to the following goodies in each upcoming box, like crispy crackers, savory spreads or dips, sweet spreads, a small-batch salami, snacking pickles, salty-sweet munchies and a cocktail mixer.

Here's what got shipped out recently, for example: Daelia's Pilsner Beer Flats, Zukali Pineapple Cilantro Salsa, The Gracious Gourmet Spiced Sour Cherry Spread, Larchmont Charcuterie Saucisson Sec Beef Salami, Brooklyn Brine Whiskey Sour Pickles, Klara's Blue Cheese and Black Pepper Savory Shortbreads, P&H Soda Grapefruit Syrup.


Note: this also comes with a complementary one-year subscription to one of our favorite indie food publications, Edible Magazine. The first issue should arrive within about two months of the order being placed – enjoy!

subscription timing

We'll send you a digital certificate via email shortly after you place your order, which can be forwarded or printed out if you're gifting (subscriptions make a great last minute gift!). The subscription “Welcome Kit” will be delivered to the recipient's address (via snail mail) shortly after. This comes in a mini tote and includes information about the shipping schedule, a gift message and tasty Mouth hard candies to kick things off.

Subscriptions boxes are curated and shipped around the middle of each month, packed in our signature cotton tote along with a few surprises.

If your order was placed by the 3rd of the month, your subscription will start that month (e.g., orders placed between January 4 and February 3 will start in February). Orders placed after the 3rd will start the following month. Subscriptions are sent out around the the 15th and take 1 to 5 business days to arrive, so you can expect to receive your monthly box between the 16th and the 25th.

The price includes insulated surcharges for cold products and chocolate and the cost of expedited shipping during warm weather months, where relevant.

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