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Chocolate for people who really, really, really love chocolate, these bean-to-bar beauties put as little between the cacao plant and the eater as possible. The pesticide-free beans are sourced from a single plantation in Tebasco, Mexico, then fermented for two or three days, sun-dried, lightly roasted and stone-ground with no additional cocoa butter or additives. The bars are cooled in sheet pans and cut by hand, so you'll find several slabs in each packages, with no two exactly alike.

Chocolate-maker Patricia Tsai emphasizes the healthfulness and nutritional content of her chocolate, which helps us feel rather virtuous as we scarf down more than we should.

Coffee + Vanilla

Imagine the best chocolate-covered espresso beans you've ever tasted ground into a rough paste and flavored with pure vanilla beans. We're crazy for this flavor, and simply can't stop breaking more pieces off as the day goes on.

INGREDIENTS: Cacao nibs, unrefined cane sugar, coffee beans, vanilla bean pods. 2.6 oz bar.

Cherries, Almonds & Black Peppercorns

The rustic texture of stoneground chocolate is the perfect foil for sweet cherry juice, chunks of almond and a subtle hint of spicy black peppercorns. Outrageously good.

INGREDIENTS: Cacao nibs, unrefined cane sugar, Bing cherries, almonds, black peppercorns. 2.6 oz bar.


Sesame seeds and Goji berries (not just one but two super foods!) lend extra richness to this chocolate. The nutty flavor of the sesame makes this one taste extra indulgent (think: Halvah).

INGREDIENTS: Cacao nibs, unrefined cane sugar, toasted black sesame seeds, dried Goji berries. 2.6 oz bar.


NOTE: Produced in a facility that handles tree nuts.

  • vegan.
  • contains treenuts.
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