Chocolate Every Month



There are those who love chocolate and those who loooooooooove chocolate. 

You’ve been out to dinner with these people. People who never order the apple tart or ricotta cheesecake but always zero in on a brownie sundae, molten bombe, mousse. People who scour their kids' Halloween loot for Mr. Goodbar, Krackle, or Special Dark (Skittles? No thanks). People for whom vanilla is just plain vanilla.

If you are familiar with this personality type, Chocolate Every Month is the subscription  to choose. 

Each month, at least 5 of the most extraordinary chocolate goodies we've been sampling all year will arrive at the lucky fanatic's doorstep. Choose 3 to 12 months, depending on the depth of addiction. Or, by special request and doctor's permission, you can keep this going forever.

Each month, expect to receive some combination of the following: Something dunked in chocolate, like cereal, cookies or pretzels; rich chocolate bars; something chocolately with fruit or nuts; offbeat chocolate treats. 

For example, here's what got shipped recently: Dandelion's Venezuela Chocolate Bar, Olive & Sinclair's Cinnamon and Chili Milk Chocolate Bar, Lemonbird's Chocolate Kumquat Spread, Jacques Torres' Chocolate-Covered Ginger, Liddabit Sweets Snackr Bar.

This also comes with a complementary one-year subscription to one of our favorite indie food publications, Edible Magazine. The first issue should arrive within about two months of the order being placed – enjoy!

Subscription Timing

As soon as an order is placed for a Subscription Club, we send out a "Welcome Kit" in a mini tote which includes information about the shipping schedule, a gift message and tasty Mouth candies to kick things off. Subscriptions are then curated and shipped around the middle of each month, packed in our signature cotton tote along with a few surprises.

The first box will be sent depending on when during the month the order is placed. After the goodies leave our NYC HQ, depending on where the box is being sent, it will arrive within a week (see above for transit timing). Thus, the recipient may receive the first box shortly; or, because of the timing, the recipient may be waiting until the next month for it to arrive.

All shipping costs are included in the price, including insulated surcharges for cold products and chocolate and the cost of expedited shipping during warm weather months. The only additional shipping charge will incur if the shipping address is Canada (in which case it is an additional $30).

  • contains dairy.
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