Chinese Five Spice Brittle



Now this is a brittle we wouldn't mind getting stuck in our molars (sorry, dentist). All the spices and blonde sugar create a flavor we want to savor all day long. And into tomorrow.

Need a Chinese Five Spice refresher? It's a blend of, you guessed it, five spices – usually fennel, anise, peppercorn, clove and cinnamon. Maker Ken Hoyt starts with sesame seeds, a classic addition to brittle, which are already the perfect backdrop for Asian flavors. The warm, savory spices add a little addictive umami, so it's never overwhelmingly sweet.

tip of the tongue

Call us crazy, but our Mouth says the anise reminds us of Vietnamese pho – you know, that fragrant noodle soup? We recommend snacking on Chinese Five Spice Brittle with a glass of iced Vietnamese coffee.

Sugar, glucose derived from non-GMO corn, sesame seeds, water, canola oil, salt, Chinese five spice blend (ground fennel, star anise, Szechwan pepper, clove, cinnamon, white pepper). Comes in a 4 oz bag.

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