Sweet Halva Spread



This really blew our minds when we first tasted it at the Brooklyn Flea this summer. Brooklyn Sesame has completely re-imagined the traditional Mediterranean candy known as halva – crumbly slabs of crystalized sesame puree and sugar – by magically transforming it into a spread! Sesame sweets are first hand ground then sweetened with pure honey (instead of sugar) and folded with nutty mix-ins and now cocoa! We knew we had to halva it. (Ha!)

This special, luxurious jar is a standout gift for any halva fan. 

Roasted Pistachio

Hand-chopped, buttery roasted pistachios are stirred into the sweet sesame-seed base adding extra richness to this indulgent spread. Try spreading it on sliced apples, Hot Bread Kitchen lavash, or even a waffle.

INGREDIENTS: Ground sesame, honey, roasted pistachios. Comes in an 8 oz jar.

Raw Almond

This variety features hand-chopped raw almonds mixed into the sweet, sesame base. We love this with Sqirl's Raspberry Vanilla Bean jam on toasted sourdough.

INGREDIENTS: Ground sesame, honey, raw almonds. Comes in an 8 oz jar. 

Cocoa & Sea Salt

We're big fans of chocolate covered halva: Smooth, sweet chocolate coating crumbly, nutty candy. . . yum! Turns out, it's even tastier in spread form. And we can't believe that cocoa powder tastes so rich and chocolatey! Take one taste from the jar and you just might be eating the rest of it with a spoon. If you manage to show a little more restraint, try it with fresh strawberries, graham crackers or spread it on slices of toasted baguette. 

INGREDIENTS: Ground sesame, honey, cocoa and sea salt. Comes in an 8 oz jar. 


  • gluten-free.
  • contains treenuts.
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