Raw Berry Blossom Honey



Smooth and thick, this 100% raw honey is blossoming with flavor from bees that pollinate the berry-rich town of Silverton, Oregon, south of Portland. Its rich amber hue is just as pleasing to our eyes as the sweet flavor is to our mouth. 

Urban beekeeper David Bock and his two sons started Buzzed Honeys with their own hive in their own Los Angeles yard (the kids even picked the company name – cute, right?). Thanks to the California Homemade Food Act passed in 2012, small makers like the Bock family can legally sell their goods out of their homes as certified Cottage Food Operations. And nowadays, they're sourcing unique varietals from all across California, Oregon, Nebraska and Wisconsin, and packaging them in bee-utifully labeled jars.

tip of the tongue

This honey's natural fruity flavor and slight wine-like acidity make it an excellent addition to yogurt or oatmeal, or if you're feeling berry good, drizzled on blackberries and raspberries.

Raw honey. Comes in a 6 oz jar.

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