Bacon Peanut Kettle Corn



Chunky Pig has done it again – they've made chunky pigs of the entire Mouth team. We're blissed out on this fluffy caramel corn, coated with rich maple syrup and tossed with nitrate-free bacon and crunchy peanut clusters. Sweet, salty, pork. Oink.

tip of the tongue

The kernels are super big, dreamy clouds of bacon-nutty goodness, and a few handfuls are all the snack you'll need. Better keep a bag or two as backup, just in case.

Popcorn (rare mushroom popcorn kernels, natural corn oil), sugar, brown sugar, corn syrup (light corn syrup, water, salt, vanilla), maple syrup, dry roasted peanuts, Niman Ranch nitrate-free bacon, filtered water, kosher salt, vanilla extract, baking soda, cayenne pepper. Comes in a 7 oz bag.

  • Contains peanuts.
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