Hunter Cheddar



Every cheese plate could use a strong, no-frills, sharp cheddar. Hello Hunter. Its smooth texture is broken up by little crunchy crystal-like deposits (formed as the cheddar aged) that burst with flavor, kind of like a little sprinkle of flaky salt on top of a smooth, buttery caramel.

That sharp yet full-bodied flavor had us coming back for just one more nibble, all day long. 

Tip of the tongue

Pack a chunk of this cheddar with a handful of grapes for an afternoon snack. If you're entertaining, make this cheese the centerpiece of your spread.

Raw cow’s milk; animal rennet; aged about 2 years; comes in an 8 oz wedge. *Treat your cheese right! Store it in the fridge tightly wrapped in wax or parchment paper. Take it out and let it warm up to room temperature before serving (about 30 to 60 minutes before). Happy tasting!

  • contains dairy.
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