Spiced Apple Syrup



Morris Kitchen works with an upstate NY apple orchard who delivers 50 gallon drums of cider to her Williamsburg kitchen. (50 gallons!) She boils and boils and boils until the juice is one-sixth its original volume and transforms with cane sugar and spices into something you've never tasted. Thick, super-rich, intensely appley apple.

And we can't help mention the labels are exquisitely letter pressed (such a fine, lovely detail) and Morris hand stamps each with the date.

tip of the tongue

Pour it over ice cream, or mix with bourbon, seltzer and lemon juice for a wintery cocktail. If you add a little bit when you're baking a pie or tart, you won't believe what it does. Or mix 1-2 tablespoons to 1 cup water, lemon and cinnamon for an instant hot mulled cider.

Boiled apple cider, cane sugar, water, spices. Comes in a gorgeous 8 oz bottle.
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