Lawless Jerky



Matt Tolnick fought the law and the law won.

Translation: he woke up one day and realized that life as a litigator wasn't for him, so he quit and turned to his passion – homemade beef jerky. After all, delicious beef jerky generally brings about way more happiness than lawsuits do (a winning argument, for sure).

We're totally obsessed with these creative flavors, inspired by some of our favorite destinations. Case dismissed! 

Japanese Curry

The flavor that started it all! Sweet and spiced, not hot, this aromatic jerky transports us straight to Japantown. 

INGREDIENTS: Top round steak (beef), brown sugar, rice vinegar, organic soy sauce (water, organic soybeans, organic wheat, salt), japanese curry blend (turmeric, coriander, fenugreek, cumin, red pepper, black pepper, cinnamon, ginger, star anise, cloves, cardamom, fennel, nutmeg, laurel leaves, allspice and garlic), salt. 

Aloha Teriyaki

Lots of fresh ginger and a sprinkling of sesame seeds set this teriyaki apart. A-loh-a!

INGREDIENTS: Top round steak (beef), brown sugar, organic soy sauce (water, organic soybeans, organic wheat, salt), garlic, sesame seeds, ginger, onion, salt.

Sweet Sriracha

Um, when do you EVER say no to Sriracha?

INGREDIENTS: Top round steak (beef), brown sugar, sriracha sauce (chili, sugar, salt, garlic, distilled vinegar, potassium sorbate, sodium bisulfite and xanthan gum), rice vinegar, ginger, garlic, cayenne and/or chili pepper, salt.

Honey Chipotle

Sweet, smoky and HOT! Oh honey, this is good jerky.

INGREDIENTS: Top round steak (beef), BBQ sauce (high fructose corn syrup, distilled vinegar, tomato paste, honey, chipotle pepper sauce (red jalapeno peppers, vinegar, sugar, salt, onions), modified food starch, contains less than 2% of: salt, Worcestershire concentrate (vinegar, molasses, corn syrup, water, salt, caramel, garlic powder, sugar, spices, tamarind, natural flavor), pineapple juice concentrate, natural smoke flavor, spices, caramel, sodium benzoate as a preservative, red bell pepper, natural flavor, garlic), apple cider vinegar, worcestershire sauce (distilled white vinegar, molasses, water, sugar, onions, anchovies, salt, garlic, cloves, tamarind extract, natural flavorings, chili pepper extract), brown sugar, liquid smoke (water, natural hickory smoke flavor, vinegar, molasses, caramel color, salt), chipotle pepper, paprika, garlic, salt, black pepper. Contains fish. 

  • Contains seafood.
  • contains soy.
  • contains wheat.
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