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Inspired by his love of chicken and pork adobo, Adoboloco founder Tim Parsons started a blog devoted to the dish in all of its spicy, saucy glory. These hot sauces are an offshoot of said blog, and Parsons' complete and total devotion to hot peppers is brightly expressed in each and every bottle. Though they bring a certain degree of heat (some more than others), the distinct, fruity flavors of the peppers manage to stand out amidst the flames, and therein lies the genius of these terrific sauces.

Hawaiian - Hot 

We managed to get our hands on a small amount of this specialty hot sauce. The Hawaiian Chili Pepper is from the same strain of pepper as the Tabasco, Piri Piri, Bird's Eye and Thai. It was originally introduced to Hawaii by the Portuguese immigrants moving there to work in the cane fields. Now, it grows wild, but it's so small that it's difficult to gather enough for a batch of hot sauce. It's also a heat loving pepper that won't ripen during the rainy season.

It has a delicate, floral flavor and the heat builds to hot, making it a compliment to almost any dish from breakfast to dinner. Get some before it's gone.

Hamajang - Very Hot

This hard-to-find hot sauce is made from 60% smoked ghost peppers and 40% fresh Habaneros. In other words, it is very hot. It's also very flavorful, and great on grilled or barbecued meats and vegetables, or rustic, hearty dishes like tacos and burritos. Basically, anything you want to add flavor and kick to. The heat has a slow build, so proceed with caution. After all, if you run out, you might not be able to get another bottle very soon.

Bangkok Medium: Distilled apple cider vinegar, thai peppers, sea salt, garlic. Comes in a 5 oz bottle. Hawaiian Hot: Distilled apple cider vinegar, Hawaiian peppers, sea salt, garlic. Comes in a 5 oz bottle. Hamajang Very Hot Distilled apple cider vinegar, ghost and mixed peppers, sea salt, garlic. Comes in a 5 oz bottle.

  • vegan.
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  • $12 for a 5 oz bottle
  • $12 for a 5 oz bottle
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