Big Caramels



A row of huge, majestic caramels comes in a simple, lovely brown rectangular box. Chewy, dense caramels. 

We discovered them at their premiere in San Francisco's recent Fancy Foods Show and they were too good not to carry right away. Made in the heart of creative, foodie Denver by Ellen Daehnick, they are packed with flavor as bold as they are big. The spices come from Denver's Savory Spice Shop. The butter and cream are both organic. The boxes are 100% recyclable. The script retro logo is hand-stamped with a locally-made rubber stamp. Yes, we love them.

In the box there are 9 individually-wrapped treats, 3 of each flavor: cardamom, classic sea salt and coffee. Did we mention they're big? Specifically, about 1.5 x 1.5 x .5 inches. BIG. They are a very special, special treat.

tip of the tongue

They are big enough to cut with a knife and share with your fellow caramel lovers. Or just hoard the whole thing yourself.