Ginger-Spiced Pickled Beets



Brendan Donovan was bound to end up in the pickle business. He's been a sommelier, a bartender, a chef and a front of house manager, so really, what else was there but starting a small-batch pickle company? Founded in 2011, Donovan's pickles are inspired by both old family pickling recipes and classical French techniques. His beets are a study in complexity and balance. They're just tart enough; tangy at first, with plenty of beet sweetness lingering on the end. The ginger is subtle, adding that certain — almost unidentifiable — something extra. 

tip of the tongue

We can hardly think of a dish that we wouldn't add these to. Salads, sandwiches, chicken salad, tuna salad, and of course, straight out of the jar. The brine is so colorful and so delicious, we highly recommend slipping a few hard cooked eggs in there after the beets have been eaten. Give it a day or two, and enjoy the best pickled egg ever, or go the extra mile & devil it for a striking appetizer or snack. 


Beets, apple cider vinegar, onions, sugar, water, fresh ginger, allspice, salt, cloves. Comes in a 15 oz jar.  


  • vegan.
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