Country Style Salami



This Campo Seco is earthy, rustic, sophisticated, yet totally accessible, and pairs deliciously with a wide variety of cheeses, fruits, and spreads. 

Charcuterie is the practice of transforming meat, with the help of salt, spices, temperature, humidity and time, into something delicious AND long lasting. This dry-cured sausage from Charlito's Cocina takes its influence from Spain, where Charlito himself spent time with family learning tradition. Charlito's uses only 100% pasture-raised, heritage-breed pork and hand-harvested fleur de sel. 

tip of the tongue

Slice off a couple of pieces to eat with rice, potatoes, pasta, polenta, or other grains. Also excellent sliced into scrambled eggs!

Pork, sea salt, evaporated cane juice, starter culture, sodium nitrate, sodium nitrite. Comes in a 6 oz package.

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  • $18 for 6 ounces

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