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Normally we're not in favor of judging a book by its cover – but luckily, these magnificent bars taste as good as they look. Each comes enclosed in a sturdy paper envelope sealed with a wax fleur de lys. Edible love letters, they're made all the more poetic by evocative titles. We'll try to deliver them on a galloping horse (try, we said, try).

Romulus Remus IX

Ah, cacao and coffee, brothers from another mother.

INGREDIENTS: Cacao, coffee, sugar. 


This 49% milk chocolate bar made with Venezuelan cacao and blended with Saigon cinnamon makes us swoon. Swoon!

INGREDIENTS: Cacao, sugar, milk solids, cinnamon, natural soy lecithin GMO free. 


A white chocolate bar blended with coffee and cacao nibs. Classic tragedy – sweet in the beginning, bitter by the end. Rave reviews from start to finish.

INGREDIENTS: Cacao, coffee, sugar, milk solids. 

Holy Wood

That's right, you read correctly. WOOD. Unusually aromatic Palo Santo wood found and venerated in Ecuador then blended into 68% dark chocolate made with wild cacao from the Bolivian Amazon. This bar is like nothing you have ever tasted but makes instant sense with the very first nibble.

INGREDIENTS: Cacao, sugar, palo santo wood. 

Each bar is 0.8 oz. 

  • contains dairy.
  • contains soy.
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