Chile Pepper Extracts



Hot hot hot! (Literally.)

We're thrilled to carry an exclusive David Rosengarten find! From a small family farm in the Shenandoah Valley, VA, Rosengarten brings us a totally one-of-a-kind treat. Not quite hot sauce, these Chile Extracts are precisely that – extracts. (Think vanilla extract: pure essence.) Bright, vegetal flavors sing through, as does VERY serious heat, making for a distinctive taste experience. Use these in cooking – one drop of the fiery liquid will season an entire pot of chili (yes, seriously, one drop), or as a base for homemade salsas and hot sauces tailored to your own taste. 

Florence Fabricant, from The New York Times says, "These chiles are a find."

Judy Hevrdejs from The Chicago Tribune says, "These extracts deliver intense flavor."

"World's 10 Spiciest Hot Sauces" -- ranked by The Daily Meal

Red Naga Jolokia

Also known as the Ghost Chile, this much-storied hot pepper is known for being high up on the scoville scale, a scale that measures the “spicy heat” of hot peppers. It is about 8 times hotter than a habanero. Ponder that one for a second. Ride this heat wave, though, and you’ll detect a deep, tomato-esque fruity-ness. It’s particularly at home in dishes that already have lots of flavor, such as gazpacho, caponata, chili con carne.

Yellow Fatali

The Yellow Fatali varietal, hailing originally from Africa, brings some heat (about 125,000-325,000 scoville units, vs. the Ghost peppers' 800,000), while showcasing the habañero family's traditional flavor and aroma. It’s fruity, but also a bit sweet (and, of course, intensely hot!). It works particularly well in Indian dishes, but is quite versatile.

Yellow Datil

Similar to the yellow fatali, but a bit lighter in color…with additional notes of citrus and avocado. Great for grilled chicken!

Green Jamaican Lime 

Surprisingly this contains no lime! Rather, the pepper itself is particularly tangy, brimming with bright, citrus notes and that signature healthy dose of heat. We found this one to be especially addictive, and works anywhere where you'd use a squeeze of lime (or lemon) and a dash of hot sauce – so in our case, with about 80% of the food we eat. Think ceviches, tacos, any fish dish, or even atop a few slices of mango for a tasty snack or unusual dessert. 

Jamaican Red Habañero

Characteristic fruity habanero flavor, but with additional overtones of tomato and tangy citrus – fabulous for full-flavored raw and cooked shellfish.

Red Moruga

Buyer beware: This dark-red chile, a member of the Trinidad Scorpion family, is even hotter than ghost…THE go-to chile extract when you're looking for supreme, superhuman sizzle.


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